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How to Choose Tiebacks for your Curtains?

The right finishing touches are essential when it comes to dressing the windows. You take so much pain in choosing the window curtains and the curtain poles, which makes it important that you don’t compromise on the other window touches. Accessories and extra touches go a long way in finishing off the window look. These little changes can make a lot of difference in giving the windows a stunning appearance, making it the talking point of your room.
And curtain tieback is definitely one such accessory, which can change the look of the window curtains. So, here are things you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing Manufacturers of exclusive tiebacks for your curtains.

Tip 1: If you have heavy curtains in your home, then look for curtain tiebacks, which are large and bulky. Like a heavy silk curtain, requires thick tiebacks or iron holdbacks, which are installed on the wall. While, for lightweight curtains going for fabric make, rope tie backs can be ideal.

They are flexible and you can opt for them with ornamental touches, too.

Tip 2: Choose the Manufacturers of exclusive tiebacks in keeping with the room décor or theme. If your living room has silver or copper accents, then opt for tiebacks with fabric and metallic mix.

The contemporary tiebacks are made of purely beads or metal and fabric blend. In a home with a modern touch, you can opt for such a tieback. While, in a traditional home décor, add to the charm with fabric tiebacks. And to ensure it blends with the room colours, go for tiebacks in earthen and terracotta tones.
beaded tiebacks

Tip 3: Manufacturers of exclusive Tiebacks are put on either side of the window. If you opt for them in bright and contrasting colours, they will stand apart when resting against the wall. But, if you like a blended look, then opt for a tieback, which is similar to the wall colour. Look for curtains and tiebacks in the same colour tone as the wall colour.

This way you can achieve a coordinated look in the room. While, if a dramatic look is on your mind, then make sure it reflects in the curtain tiebacks you choose. Not anything simple or plain, rather go for an eye-catching one.

Tip 4: Along with the above tips, everything that you add in your home should reflect your taste and personality.

If its beauty and elegance, then opt for beaded curtain tie backs or of metal chain. Even when it comes to fabric make tiebacks, go for ones in rope style. Likewise, if you want to create that old world charm in your home, then go for fabric tiebacks adorned with tassels, fringes, and crystal.

Consider the above tips when you choose Manufacturers of exclusive tiebacks for your curtains. There is a range of such traditional and contemporary tiebacks at Deco Window. You can scan through the collection and give your home a stylish and well-designed look and feel.
Manufacturers of exclusive tiebacks have the potential to add interesting detail to a window while holding the curtains for sunlight to filter inside a room. So, choose designer curtain tiebacks, which can enhance the grace of your home and provide you sunlight and privacy, just when you desire. View the collection here and give your home a magnificent touch.

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